Recycled Tons of Household Waste

650.770. Tons

Environmental Companies


Production Equipment waste processing - Operation of waste processing equipment - Recycling

We are all children of the same ship named Earth, which means that there is simply nowhere to transfer from it ...

Saint Exupery Antoine de (1900–1944)

Recycled Tonnes of Tires

134.680 Tons

Module Pyrolysis 500-1

Recycling of Wastes by the Pyrolysis method (Municipal Solid Waste .Plastic ,Tires) with the receipt of fuel and electricity

Atmospheric Water

is a huge reservoir of moisture, and even in arid regions it contains, as a rule, more than 6-10 g of water per 1 m3, while in tropical regions this value reaches 25 g / m3. So, 1 km3 of the surface layer of the atmosphere in hot, arid and desert regions of the Earth

Dry Сyclone Air Cleaning

­­According to repeatedly carried out tests, the installation with the separation of suspended particles coped by 99.9999 ...%, which is shown by confirmed by numerous test reports.
Plant  of municipal solid waste into electricity