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Pyrolysis system

One of the urgent problems of modern society is the formation of a large amount of both industrial and household waste associated with human life, polluting the environment and requiring large areas for storage or disposal of this waste. Humanity creates billions of tons of various types of waste.
This is a huge source of energy and materials. One of the possible solutions to this problem is the thermal destruction of industrial waste and household waste by the pyrolysis method (burning at high temperatures without oxygen), which decomposes into ash residues, liquid and gaseous products that have minimal environmental impact. .
Pyrolysis - decomposition of organic substances when heated in the absence of oxygen. The composition of each phase is determined by the process parameters (temperature, heating rate, pressure and residence time in the reactor). Raw materials are sent to the process either continuously or in batches (in batch mode). The use of pyrolysis for the processing of various wastes allows the recovery of both materials and energy. Systems Work in Canada Vietnam Korea Bulgaria - Preparing for Spain Greece

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